Friday, May 7, 2010

Watch this MEGA MAN fan-film

Indie filmmaker Eddie LeBron spent something like three years making on a "Mega Man" fan film, the scale and scope of which are pretty damn impressive if you ask me. "ScrewAttack" is hosting it, go take a look:


Rawle said...

This was pretty awesome.

It used the simpleness of the original game to great effect, making an excellent little superheroic romp.

For an independent film, this Lebron guy put forth a good effort. Thanks for alerting me to this, Moviebob!

Anonymous said...

well, willy was good. But honestly that was about it. After seeing how amazing videogame indie projects can be with "there will be brawl" i dont find this all that impressive.

Yes its good for an indie videogame movie, but that doesnt mean very much.

Karma said...

This was, by every definition and by all rights, godawful.

Just........ godawful.

I watched all of this, and that's the most positive thing I can say about it. Godawful.

Although a few other words fit, as well.

Boring? Yes.

Cheesy? Yes.

Badly written? Yes.

Horribly paced? Yes.

Terribly acted? Yes.

All around fail? Very yes.

It was one of the worst things that I have ever seen. Ever.

The costuming was laughably ridiculous, the entire thing was an illogical mess of cliches and absurd crap. Need I go on? It was pain. Pure, concentrated pain. It was utterly embarrassing. I feel legitimatly sorry for everyone associated with this clusterfuck of failure. God have mercy on their pitiful souls.

I mean, my god. And they talk about Hollywood films being terrible? This has nothing... NOTHING on those. This makes Super Mario Bros: The Movie look like Citizen Kane, dear god.

I mean, what did I witness? The story of a douchebag, self righteous jackoff pretending to be a scientist with a creepy obsession with Asians create a feminists worst nightmare female slave-bot with the face only the mother of a mac truck grill could love, and a mopey, emo douchebot junior who puts on football pads to slapfight against bad CGI effects like a silly wuss, while an overacting putz with a terrible moustache sweats and chews scenery for the length of this painful trash?

Wow. So riveting. And by riveting, I mean vomit inducingly abysmal on every conceivable level.

That... I swear to the god of every combined religon at once... was the highest order of fucking garbage i've EVER seen.

How could anyone on this planet or any other, work so hard and waste so much of his own life for several years producing something this unintentionally hilarious and so embarrassing and still have the bravery to share it in public? Just.. how? HOW?

All I know is, that I feel sick having watched this. I want these 90 minutes of my life back.

Give me back those 90 minutes of my life!!

I mean there are films that are incredibly bad, like Dragonball Evolution and The Legend Of Chun-Li. And then there's... this.

Ugh. I think i'd rather watch those again, just to wash the bitter taste of this cinematic sewer water out of my mouth. Ugh. UGH. UGGGGGHHHHH.

Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. How can a fellow human being on god's green earth unleash such an embarrassing disaster upon the world.

Puke. Puke. Vomit. Retch. Upchuck. Regurgitate. This so-called "movie" inspired nothing but these words. GOD WHAT A TERRIBLE PIECE OF CRAP. WOW.

Brian said...

@ Karma:
Dude? shut up. You're getting your stupid all over my internet.

Allen Thomas said...

Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy was better.

Misery said...

I wouldn't say its the worst fan film ever made (calm the fuck down Karma), but about thirty minutes of bad hammy acting in without a fight scene in sight I just kind of gave up. It wasn't laughably bad, just...meh.

Also, apparently all the negative comments on screwattack are getting deleted. Classy.

FMGX said...

dude, karma, I get it, you didn't like it but that doesn't mean you have to waste 5mins of my life.

just relax and get over it. you sound like a little kid crying to your mommy because you dropped your ice cream cone that your dad paid for.

Mr. I said...

Well, it'll give people something to think about. And by something to think about, I mean fan fiction going over a crack pairing of Wily and his sassy black AI as he is a misunderstood and tortured soul, as he views himself, who was pushed to this limit.

And really, the CGI was pretty damn good. Sure I took offense to when Guts Man slammed Mega against a wall and it didn't crumble (a childhood of the Ruby-Spears cartoon was denied in that one moment), but overall, they gave a good effort. I can say there were times in the film that I would feel legitimately excited... if I didn't mean that I was just enamored by an amazing remix of Wily Fortress I.

I do have to say, there are better-acted series and indie projects ("There Will Be Brawl" being the frontrunner, but there are probably others that I'm far too lazy to enjoy or look up), there was some good effort put into this. Sure, it was played straight in moments where it should have been hammy, and Wily was the only character who seemed to understand that he was just supposed to have fun with the role (though the lack of crazy hair to go along with it was disheartening), but the filmography was good, the angles were nice, and were the subject not the adorable adventures of a wide-eyed idealist hero with a strong sense of justice turned into some dude from the Philippines who was an android who liked dying at Contra a lot, I could've probably said yeah, I had fun with viewing this.

Have to applaud the effort that went in. I was rather particularly impressed with the design of Guts Man, and how the micro-budget actors interacted fairly well with a CGI cast that they probably had to imagine in for themselves.

So yeah, it was a fun ride. Not something I'd see again, but it put me in a good mood and I decided to play through Mega Man 2 after finishing it, so that was really fun. And they didn't turn Monsteropolis into a giant warehouse and make 20XX a parallel universe where the Cossack Bots have been developed with a tech-up ray or anything ridiculous like that, so I'm pretty happy. Thanks for sharing, Bob.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this "There Will Be Brawl" movie you are all talking about, but considering how badly big budget studios screw up video game movies, I really enjoyed this movie.

Is it the best movie ever? Not really, no. But you have to think about the budget here. I've seen far worse costumes. (Anybody remember that student film trailer where the outfits didn't even fit right? Got a lot of praise at the time.) The actors look their parts, they came up with some good reasons behind the usual game situations (why they couldn't track Wily is already a fan concept, but the origin of the Fortress was one I hadn't heard, plus we get how Mega uses the bots powers, the teleporter, and even the Mega clone), and I thought it was rather well acted.

It's not perfect and I do have a few misgivings that I'll save for my own review (a potential theme missed, some things I wanted to see but may or may not have worked), but thanks MovieBob for posting this. I really enjoyed it.

Ezenwa said...

I have seen "There will be brawl". You can catch it on, or look it up on the Escapist magazine website. That was more of an episodic series, but still, well-acted. As for Eddie Lebron, I liked the movie. I don't mind the budget or the hokey graphics. What worked for me was that he stayed true to the subject matter and source material for the most part, unlike some big-budget wastes.

Brian said...

Maybe I should expand on my last comment. Maybe I let my anger get the better of me. What I take exception to is not the criticism of the film, its the ignorant, insulting tone in which the criticism is framed. Did you watch 'building a better gamer'? I would expect to see that kind of thing when trolling Xbox live, not on a site with the word 'overthinker' in the title. So you didnt like the film, OK, fine, how would you do better? Contrary to Karma's belief, criticism can be expressed constructively. What I'm trying to say is this: if you can't be polite, don't bother to share your opinion at all.

Also: There will be brawl was awesome.

Also also: yes, I am somewhat of a hypocrite. This is me apologizing for that.

TheAlmightyNarf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheAlmightyNarf said...

I enjoyed it... Certainly wasn't a great movie, but it wasn't that bad either.

I guess the big issue, like with most fan works, is that they tried to bring over as much from the game as possible whether it would translate well or not (Wily's castle being the most notable example). And the robot masters had painfully horrible dialog for no real apparent reason considering how moderately well the rest of the movie was written. On the flip side, thanks to the valiant efforts of SyFy to lower the bar as far as possible, Megaman by no means had the worst CGI visual effects I've seen in a sci-fi movie, though I still think they would have been better off limiting the CGI as much as possible and using puppets where they could. Also, Wily was really poorly characterized, but that's more an issue with the source material than with the movie itself.

As a fan of the series, though, my biggest complaint would be how shallow the movie ended up being. The Megaman mythos has a lot to talk about the relationships between human like androids or AIs with humans (ala Battstar Galactica, but from a more optimistic perspective), and also about how technology can be used for either good or evil depending on who controls it. And, yea, the movie touched base with a lot of that, but, they ultimately don't really do much with it.

A bit more exploration into the deeper side of the Megaman universe could have made it a fantastic movie despite the sub-par production value and average writing. But, it just ended up being kind'a "meh".

PsymonX said...

I believe the movie was good in its own indie way. This film was made by fans for fans whereas a Hollywood fan would try to make it for everyone including non-fans which would cause it to degenerate to a shitty kids movie about a guy in a robot suit.

Also Karma? Shut the fuck up. Sounds like you being an ugly troll.

Coach Austin said...

While I wouldn't put it in the harsh tones of Karma, I mostly agree with him. Parts of it were novel, it was neat to see the blue bomber on screen, and I'm sure a lot of effort was put into it.

If I were more familiar with production techniques, maybe I would find something interesting there to comment upon, but I didn't find the characters compelling at all. Since the story is already established, the action familiar to everyone who's played the game, the characters are all that the director has to make his movie shine, and I thought they were all one-dimensional.

It felt like a school project that everyone worked very hard on, but lacked a spark to elevate it.

Alan said...

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Ezequiel said...

I advise anyone who cares about megaman or old school gaming in general to check this youtube vid out: it's even got some sequels!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Karma: You forgot to mention that it stayed true to the game.