Thursday, January 7, 2010


A little while back, I sat down to be interviewed by Ryan McAskill, aka "The Boston Comedy Examiner," who has now published said interview as part of his podcast.

Check it out here:


Anonymous said...

Nice interview.

You said that you do your reviews based on what interests you at the time, and that you can't force it. I know what that's like.

Anyway, lemme drop a little game on you that you might not have heard about: Retro Game Challenge for the Nintendo DS. Check it out. None of the mini-games are anywhere near Nintendo Hard, but it's almost like a Nostalgia H-Bomb. Hope it sparks some ideas.

Keep up the good work, sir Overthinker.

Techni said...

I just saw your game overthinker v1 video on youtube, and I have to say it's completely wrong.

Being released at the same time as PS3/360 does not make Wii the same generation no more than all those game systems with the 30 built in games that plug directly into the TV
PS2/XBOX/GCN were the same generation because they were all roughly capable of the same gameplay. Technologically speaking, Wii is last gen.

And for crying out loud, processing power does not just equal better graphics. Otherwise we'd still be using NES's processor and a massive GPU. Learn how games are made before making such moronic comments. Processing power affects gameplay, the GPU affects graphics. That's what the G stands for! Don't believe me? Compare Dead Rising on Wii to the 360 one. Developers don't make crippled down games like Dead Space on Wii because it cant handle the graphics. Its cause it can't handle the game engine, the physics, ai, etc. I wish people would quit falling for nintendo's lie that the only advantage processing power has is better graphics.

Wii is not in the same market as PS3/360, again, no more than those direct-to-tv devices I mentioned earlier. Nintendo is specifically marketing it to a different audience. That's what "market" refers to! You can't tell me that Wii's audience of elderly farts and soccer moms is the same market as PS3/360's FPS/TPS hardcore gamers. Nintendo is obviously not trying to sell Wii to the same people Sony/MS are selling theirs to. So don't tell me it's the same market.

And gold standard? No. Wii is making gaming worse on PS3/360 by making Sony/MS concentrate more on the casual crowd now with NATAL/motion controller and 360s horrible NXE interface. And by stealing developers/development time that could be better spent making a real game than some minigame collection

Don't you dare compare No more heroes to portal. They are not in the same league. NMH was just some crappy fighter in comparison with no real innovation.

Your massive potty mouth doesnt make what you say any less wrong

Anonymous said...

If Wii is last gen, then that makes it all the more embarrassing that all these high-powered, current-gen systems with their fancy HD grafficks and Bloo-Wray players are being beat- nay, SLAUGHTERED- by what you describe as a bargain-basement 30-game plug-n-play console.

Anonymous said...

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