Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Obviously, I'll have more to say about this as I, um... am told more about this... but for now - as some of you may already have heard - "The Game OverThinker" WON the "myvidsdontsuck" contest; officially confirmed by Stuttering Craig on this week's "Sidescrollers" podcast:

My endless thanks, of course, go out to all the fans who voted for me this time, who supported the show in the "playoffs" and who've been there all along. You're the reason I "won" anything, all I did was show up. Thank you.


Gavstern said...


Rafael Alejandro Sanchez said...

Congratulations, Bob!
I really loved your finals entry.
Keep up the great work, we'll keep watching!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Bob! I had a very strong feeling that you'd win! Keep up the brilliant work, and I'll keep watching!

The Prodigy said...

Congratulations to the fullest, Bob. Welcome to the Screwattack family. From the moment I saw your first video placed as a G1 Submission, I knew a few things:

1) I knew this would be a breakaway hit if someone affiliated with Screwattack was posting it.

2) I knew that you and Screwattack would make a natural fit as you aren't the only one who feels that way about gaming. I hear Craig shares your feelings about some things, too.

I hope this gets you lots of exposure to the gaming crowd as you now join gaming stalwarts like Kain from 2-bit gaming, the AVGN, Yahtzee from zero punctuation, and even the Happy video game nerd and, to a much lesser extent, the Nostalgia Critic.

You've earned it, man. Thanks for being honest and open-mouthed about it as most of us couldn't possibly come up with that much creativity.

As for your pundits, well, don't stress them, for I always say criticism of any kind is always good for growth. I should know since I have a blog of my own now:

(I'm such an attention hog. But, you inspired me to do this as well as post on Screwattack. So, thanks)

Lastly, if this gives you a chance to collaborate with Screwattack in any way, be it video wise or even on SideScrollers, I'd go for it. I'd love to see you in a roundtable with Craig and the AVGN.

Congrats again.

drumstick00m said...

Congradualations moviebob,

Now onto episode 26: on Homophobia in gaming

Artimage said...

Congratulations Bob. I've been following your stuff from the beginning and have been thoroughly impressed. You definitely deserve this honour to be part of the ScrewAttack line up.

Kyle said...

Hey man, congrats. I'm not surprised. I love your stuff. Looking forward to more Overthinking.

Gabriel said...
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Gabriel said...

Your victory was no surprise for me.
You're awesome.

Congratulations from Brazil,

edit:The previous post was misspelled, sorry.

Sir Laguna said...


You totally deserve it ;)

Andrew said...

So when can we expect a new episode?

Brandon Wright said...

Congrats! Well deserved I might add for such insight into games and gaming culture.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Bob. You've seemingly nailed down two deals for movie publications, first with Escape to the Movies and now with Game Overthinker. That's awesome, and you should be majorly proud of yourself...after the bewilderment has sunk in, I'm sure. Can't wait to see more, and just one less reason to visit the dreaded Youtube (that and I already visited both the Escapist and ScrewAttack before you got started on them).

Mark said...

Congraturations, Bob.

Been a fan since like ep. 4 or so, so it's been great to see you ascending the ladder.

keep it up,


Maul said...


Mark said...

Great. So, when an we expect a new episode?

NobleBear said...

Gratz, Bob.

You rocked it. There are a good number of reviewer that excel at entertaining but you're the only one I've seen that really rolls up his sleeves analyzes and discusses the works that make up an important part of the lives of all us "underacheivers".

Once more, good work and congratulations.

L.B. Jeffries said...


James said...

Way to go, Bob! I look forward to seeing what this victory brings.

zdrich said...

First of all, congratulations. That was a completely well deserved victory in MVDS and I cannot wait to see what you cook up as part of the ScrewAttack lineup. I've watched every one of your movies and agree with almost every point you have made about gaming, socity and life in general. Thank you for creating such an interesting, thought provoking, and at times, extremely funny series.

Now, I had hoped to ask you this over e-mail, but I couldn't exactly find an address for you anywhere. So, at the risk of sounding like a bit of a jerkass promoting my own site in your comments section, I really wanted to approach you on this. I am a writer for a video game centric humor site known as GameCola (, and also serve as the writer of our interview coluum, "The GameCola Interview".

As of July 2006, we've been on a temporary hiatus to retool our site to modernize it and make it a place people might actually come and visit every so often (Our orignal format was as an "online magizene", where we would update once a month with everything the staff had written in the past month. Stupid, yes, but it's been that way for almost 8 years now, and I've only been around for 2 of them.) For our relaunch, we are stacking up with big articles and reviews and the like, and (finally, the fucking point), I would be honored if perhaps you'd like so sit down over AIM (or any other messenger service) in the near future for a fun little interview for our site.

If you'd like to do it, wonderful, and I cannot wait to talk to you. If not, that's fine too. Your work is great, and you don't need to tell people that cause it all speaks for itself. If you are interested though, please let me know. My e-mail is zrich at

Once again, very sorry for the shameless plug on your own site. Your work is excellent, and once again, congratulations.

Anonymous said...

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