Friday, May 15, 2009


Okay, so... for various reasons I couldn't talk about this until now, but now I can, so... Yeah.

Here's how it works: I'm part of a running contest at called "myvidsdontsuck." It's a poll in their forums, pitting various vids against one-another by vote. Mine is competing from today until the 19th agains the very, very funny "Rockumentary" HERE:

Here's the thing, though: IF you want to vote (for either of us) you have to register to post in their forums and then do the voting in THIS poll-thread:

I'll be honest: I'm VERY surprised to be "in this" at all... these other shows are remarkably well-made and funny. But, y'never know, right?


Manny said...

I just wanted to say that I have never heard of this show, the Game Overthinker, I came here cebause of the Screwattack myvidsdontsuck contest and I have just view all of your episodes and let me tell: pure awesome!
A lot of information, critical thinking, strait out to the point and true to your personal thoughts, I'm really impressed.
I'm a Portuguese gamer (do you have roots at Portugal? I saw that flag on one off the videos and got curious), 24 year old and I understand completely your point of view on the current "console war", "nintendo fanboyism", "generic white hero" and so on.
I was also very impress but your review on Baynard Blast, finally a review made to a game that's doesn't have a supposed "critical-awesome-seal-of-approval" (gamespot sucks, period.). If are really interested in a simply, fun, addited and original game, go buy Soul Bubbles for the DS, it's a fucking masterpiece and it's really cheap.
I just wanted to leave my support to this show, please do continue even if you don't get pick to be the new screwattack show. This show is awesome, well written and I laughed in every video.
BTW, great Mario costume ;)

Helmsman said...

Good luck bob, though it seems most of the screwattack community only care for the laughs rather than a good debate :/ "Long and not funny", "too much information, too little fun" one imbecile even compared you to Hitler! :<

Anonymous said...

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