Friday, March 20, 2009


Because YOU demanded it, because YOU wanted it, because... eh... THEY were willing to put it up, here's my full video review of the movie everyone will be lying about having seen in theatres and knowing was a classic "the whole time" about a year from now, once again courtesy of the fine folks over at The Escapist:

Once again, PLEASE visit The Escapist's actual site after watching the video. These guys are fighting the good fight, bringing REAL intellectual debate to the geek universe, and they deserve your support:


Blackcat said...

"Fucking Masterpiece."

Thanks, Bob. I've been trying to think of the perfect way to describe this film to my friends ever since I saw it. Perfect!

Wes Fulgham said...

Disagree on the whole masterpiece thing(for one they reduced Laurie to a two dimensional bore) but I do think it's a very well done film and probably the best adaptation we could have hoped for. While I'm here I thought I'd leave you this lil goodie

"Shigeru Miyamoto-The Bob Dylan of video games, from Donkey Kong to the Wii, and beyond"

YetUnnamed said...
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CrunchyEmpanada said...

I agree the film is a masterpiece, was freaking awesome, and all that jazz, but Malin Akerman was a weak actor. She wasn't terrible, but there were a few lines that felt really bad to me, and next to the stunning portrayals done by practically everybody else, she seemed particularly jarring.

Anonymous said...

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