Thursday, February 19, 2009


No, not technically a "Game OverThinker" ep, but it's related and dammit I wanna share this with as many as possible! I'm SO psyched...

After featuring several reviews from me as stingers on "The Escapist Show," The Escapist has given me a featured spot as part of "The Escapist Presents" for my very own OSCAR SHOW! Watch here, as I attempt a thorough examination of the nominated films, a breakdown of the nomination process, a dissection of Academy Awards history but MOSTLY rant and rage about the still mega-annoying snub of "The Dark Knight."

Check me out:

Oh, and PLEASE click this link to the main page even if the player works fine, Escapist has stuff worth your attention:

I'll be frank with you guys: It's been a REALLY rough two weeks for me recently. I've got two jobs outside of all the video work - and without getting into big "poor me" details ONE of them I just got laid off from and the second is soon set to close altogether. Not a great situation. But seeing this go up, and seeing the pretty positive reaction to it so far... WOW, what a ray of sunshine. Thank you ALL, seriously. And especially Russ Pitts, the video content head cheese at Escapist who reached out to me for the reviews and continues to be a great guy to do business with.



DOOLEY said...

All right buddy.

Big fan.

but honestly, what was this? Did you just move in with ya pops from southie and start droppin ya R's?

I can see that you lost a little bit of weight and are looking better, but let's be real, nobody peeps this website because you're a cool looking, thin, boston denizen with nice facial hair.

like really man, i'm not trying to hate at all, but this is the first time i've heard anything remotely close to the accent you use in this video.

i agree with you, but really, what's happened? if some website has said they're offering you a segment everyweek, if you lose 20 lbs, jsut tell us, don't be a weirdo who all of the sudden decides he's straight out of boston.

holler at me.

Bob said...

Here's the thing about the accent:

I've lived in MA across the river from Boston my entire life. That's more or less my voice. When I started doing movie/video/TV work several years ago (since College really) I've worked to tamp it down a bit. These days, it only ever bubbles up when I'm either pissed off or I'm talking at a long clip, like I was here.

I almost never let it "out" during OverThinker videos because I record those "in-studio" and precise-editing around it is hard as hell to make sound good. In this, most of the audio was recorded "live" and in single-take monologues, so.. you got to hear my 'real' silly angry-voice.

The Prodigy said...

Wow. You lost weight. lol.

In all seriousness, they snubbed it and that was wrong. Heck, they snubbed "The Wrestler" for the most part as well, which also sucked. I'll never understand an academy that can snub 2 great films and give Marisa Tomei the Oscar for "My Cousin Vinny" when Jodie Foster of "Silence..." was on that year as well, unless I have my facts mixed up.

Shawn said...

Honestly I am not a fan of the Dark Knight, but the Oscars not giving it a chance to get best movie is a poor showing and the Oscars will lose out because of it.

DOOLEY said...

wow i'm an asshole when drunk. sorry.

Anonymous said...

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