Sunday, January 11, 2009

EPISODE EIGHTEEN: Obligatory New Year's Wish Episode!

Because this is what you do in January. And you're looking for a slim justification for doing another "random funny clippy" show. Enjoy!


lboofer said...


Mr. I said...

I always lost those Mario Vs Sonic arguments for no good reason. HAMMER BROS. SUIT > EVERYTHING. I don't care about how absolutely invincible Super Sonic is, one well-placed hammer will knock his rings out in one go. >_>

Plus, STAR SPIRITS. PEACH BEAM. Why does Nintendo not show more love toward Paper Mario? But I digress...

As much as I'd love to play devil's advocate and say that it's useless to re-release All-Stars due to Nintendo's love of making their Virtual Console the one-stop shop for old-school gamers...and everyone who bought Brawl and still doesn't know what a Fox McCloud is due to him...well, pretty much trying WAY too hard for attention since Starfox 64, yet falling flat on his face (with more dignity than the blue blur, mind you), I'm not going to argue. A Super Mario level editor, with good old fashioned Mario sprites and the physics engine that separates the fan games from the true pieces of art, is basically what I've dreamed about ever since Mario Party put Mario in every zany environment it could and gave sub-characters a new light with custom-made boards (Peach's Birthday Cake is still incredibly awesome, in SO many ways). Just thinking of the raw amount of homage that could be done in a Mario game, not to mention the customizable power-up selection that could FINALLY make the perfect use for the Hammer Bros suit (besides smashing Sonic's skull open), is absolutely amazing. Heck, if Mario Level Editor was just released for a $50 pop, I'd definitely get my hands on it.

Bowser never really gets the fair shake of the stick in anything he's in (with the exception of Super Mario RPG, of course, where he was...well, incompetent to a sympathetic fault, but still tough. Plus, PLAYABLE FREAKIN' BOWSER.), be that courtesy of his design or that he's become so synonymous with 'Final Boss' that he doesn't really need an excuse anymore. I still have my cuddly Bowser plushie right next to my two Donkey Kong ones, and I love that thing.

You've formed a pretty fun list overall. I'm not really big on some ideas (unless she's going to be the next Dixie Kong, I don't really want Toadette coming near Super Princess Peach 2. Speaking of which, a Wario & Waluigi parody game...THAT'D be something to see), while others I adore (Alton Brown *squee* ^^). Fun video overall.

...still, even if he only had the CRYSTAL STARS, Mario could beat Super Sonic. I'd take Shadow Queen > Super Sonic, so there's logic in that, right?

kory said...

I wish Nintendo would get the new Command & Conquer games on the Wii. ITS A MOUSE INTERFACE, POINT AND CLICK PEOPLE, CANNONT BE THAT HARD! Theres no way the can argue about leagle stuff because there are several war genre EA games on Wii. Sort it out people.

Euler d'Moogle said...

Amen on the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom game. I do not own a Wii, but I'll buy the system just for that one. Yea, I'm that much of a Gatchaman freak. Full Disclosure: I'm so much of a Tatsunoko geek I actually know who all those people are. Doesn't mean I like their shows, but I know who they are.

Ditto with the Super Mario Bros. Level editor idea. I used to make my own Lode Runner levels back in the day and a Mario editor would be fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Heck, they could just throw the Battle of the Planets names on there, and the only complaints you'd here would be from the anime purist (you know, the guys who say that every anime released can only be released subbed, by fans, and with every drop of blood, curse word, and tittie shot that was in there and a few that actually weren't but they think was).

Racewing said...

Hi! Love your show. Have since it first popped up.

That said: this video is the last straw. I'm going to have to respectfully ask you to please, please, GET OUT OF MY HEAD. The amount of things we agree on is finally starting to get really scary. I speak as someone who's already scratched out a design document for a Super Princess Peach sequel co-starring Daisy (I can't see Toadette platforming, but I could see her running a shop or something!) and someone who was just talking about a Mario All-Stars level editor to someone not five days ago. I'm all for giving Mario level creation tools to people who wouldn't instantly think, "how can I use this to make people cry?"

Also, about the power-ups thing: If you haven't yet, go buy Bangai-O Spirits for the DS. For some reason, this game got no real love even though it outclasses most of 08's high-profile releases.

Giant anime robot. Pixels high. Capable of armageddon with simple pushes of the left and right triggers. Replenishes itself by picking up fruit. Enjoy.

Anyway, as long as you keep putting these out, I'll keep watching them. You're one of the few game commentary shows out there that don't make me constantly roll my eyes (usually due to forced snark and needless negativity). Keep on rocking!


Mr. I:

You're assuming that a Hammer Bros. Suit hammer would actually *catch* normal Sonic, let alone Super Sonic. Figure that little snag out, and then we'll talk. At least give Mario the Super Cape for flight advantage or something. Then maybe we'd almost have a decent fight? :)

(, it is like being on the playground again!)

Those two really do need a (real) crossover game together, though. Like, a year ago.

Mr. I said...

Well, assuming that Hammer Bros. Suit > Boo, and that Boos have been proven to turn invisible when seen, not to mention should be able to phase through the suit...yeah, I'm not really going anywhere. But seriously, we NEED another Hammer Bros. Suit.

Anyway, in a straight-up fight, Mario wins. He can take more than two punches, has a lot of attacks that cause a large splash of damage, and has item hax. Sonic's got a few good tricks, sure. But nothing beats a good old fireball to the face.

In a super-powered fight to the finish...Mario again. Star Beam + Clock Out + Lazy Shell = Win. Heck, equipping Mario with JUST Lazy Shell stuff would make him win (I'm not taking Super Sonic > Culex, that's for sure. I would take FREAKIN' Mario > Chaos or FREAKIN' Mario > Biolizard, however).

(Oh my gosh, yes, this is SO much fun. ^^)

Oh, right, there's stuff I didn't comment on. Uh...right, Hammer Bros. Suit...I don't really care for celebs in games. Just never liked big-name stars in what's essentially a fictional universe. Yeah, the absurd is awesome (Charles Barkley Vs Godzilla), but I just like the old-fashioned depth and character fictional characters exhibit. Or, I like pretending they have character and then write fan fiction about it. Same thing, really.

Don't like Cowboys. I like the insane and twisted, you know, like Disgaea and the really creepy levels of Kirby 64 (you know which ones I'm speaking of). HOW DID I MISS BANJO?! Yes. Please. More. Great. Old-fashioned. Banjo. In fact, Banjo changing his genre was the whole reason I opted out on the 360 and instead got the PS3. Snake's been much kinder to my needs. ^^

...isn't Earthworm Jim supposed to be coming back? Or is that just another random rumor I heard? Anyway, didn't care much for the Kid Icarus series (then again, Metroidvania never exactly was my cup of tea). Battletoads would be nice.

Arguments are the essence of all raving fanboys. Just as I'd argue that Cranky Kong could kill just about anything not named Laharl (cutest evil overlord EVER) due to being incredibly genre-savvy and with the ability to use Deus Ex Machina at pretty much any time, ye olde veterans of the age of the PSX Vs N64 (PSX would win due to Liquid Snake not being able to die, of course, but that's a different story) are generally going to fight between whatever they desire, just because it gives them a sense of satisfaction. I prefer just sticking with "my mascot can beat up your mascot", but, while sad, it's the fuel that feeds the internetz. And it'll keep going on and on for a long while...probably.

Mark said...

good episode. maybe not as provocative as some, but fun.

To the sonic/mario duelists - why don't you to just sign on to Brawl and duke it out for real?

Clayton Jones said...

Holy shit, that Venture Bros beatemup idea just blew my mind. That needs to happen NOW.

Rick Minerich said...

How about something like this for fast food battles (I didn't make it):

Ryan said...

So, I definitely have to say that, as far as the whole "Sonic should not suck anymore" thing goes, I read an interesting theory on the Escapist's forums earlier this morning. It goes like this: Sega releases a good game and then, depending on the awesomeness of the game in question, they release one or more shitty Sonic game(s) to make up for it. Look at their history, you will find it to be true.

Anywhoozle, on to the real topic: The White Stripes. They are awesome. Your reference to them is possibly a cataclysmic level of awesome in one place. If you put Branston Pickle on it, the universe would implode. Watch it.

Transformer game: another possibly cataclysmic level of awesome. I really hope there isn't any Branston Pickle around...

GH: Dethklok: Okay, is the universe trying to implode?


Tatsunoko (Am I spelling that right? Or rather, am I romanizing it correctly?) vs. Capcom: Yes, that should come out for the US. And then they should make Street Fighter versus Mortal Kombat like we've been whinging for for the last five years or more.

Tiger Woods game idea: I think the universe is suicidal...

Alton Brown game idea: now you have got to be shitting me. Did the universe forget it's anti-depressants?

Kid Icarus, Earthworm Jim, etc.:...anti-depressants, the universe needs 'em, pronto. Yes, I'm aware of how short order this is, bu...Ma'am, ma'am, I am not trying to make a joke here...

Playboy, definitely. Now excuse me, I'm trying to find a pharmacy that sells weapons grade anti-depressants for the universe.

UtopiaV1 said...

I wish the video games industry wasn't a festering cesspool of master-chief, mario, anime cash-ins and solid snake (you know, gaming heroes who have overstayed their welcome). I wish there were no console wars. I wish the industry wasn't so stagnant and mired in what can only be described as a quagmire of Americans/Europeans wanting to be Japanese, or Japanese causing the western world to recoil in horror at a previously unknown genre (the sex/rape game).

I fondly remember a time of PC open-mindedness, where if you put in time and love you could build a computer that can run absolutely any game, because they were all on PC (or at least emulators). I remember a time where gaming was a community thing, with forums and friendly discussion on the finer points of level design and genre innovation, instead of flame wars and fanboyism.

To Bob: I sometimes agree with your points on the gaming industry, and I ALWAYS agree with your film reviews, but you are a prime example of the gaming luddite. You don't play anything but Nintendo (even owning another games console or PC doesn't prove you don't, it just proves you're not a complete fanboy), and if you think I'm being unfair, please go back through your videos and give me ONE where you don't talk about retro Nintendo games or console mascots.

Sorry to bring this up, I know you do these videos as entertainment and I do get a lot of enjoyment from them most of the time, so I have no right to criticise. However, sometimes I find it difficult to identify with you when you're up on your high horse claiming there's no forward movement in the industry, and you (as a consumer) are STILL buying Mario games and big budget sequels.

I'm not asking for a big change, my wish this year is that you simply stop banging on about your particular 'niche' genres (or about as niche as you can get when EVERY other gamer knows what you're talking about), and instead broaden your horizons. Play a strategy game. Play a military simulator. Play a racing game that doesn't include Bowser or Toad.

Cheers mate, and thanks for all the videos so far, they're very entertaining, and it's great to find other people who realise that Transformers IS a waste of film, and the new Star Trek WAS a choke-filled 2-3 hours of bad writing and worse acting. Can't wait for your next vid :P

Anonymous said...

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The Frayed Ends of Sanity said...

I love the Sonic and Mario game idea, but lets complicate it for further awesomeness. Mario, Sonic and former mascot turned cast off CRASH BANDICOOT in a cooperative platformer pule game in the style of Lost Vikings. Each with their own unique abilities to solve puzzles, fight bad guys and save whichever respective princess is necessary. You can certainly have the levels designed for each specific characters niche of the market, but I can just imagine the fun when you need Crash' spin to move a wind mill style wall, so Sonic can run through and up a wall to hit a switch, releasing the enemy for Mario to stomp on as they search for the Power Star, Ring or Juju mask that lets them into the next level.

sad said...

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Robin said...

EXO SQUAD! Holy shit I saw this when I was a kid, thought it was the greatest thing, but it disappeared very abruptly from screens here in the UK. I couldn't remember even what it was called and have been trying to find it for years. I was beginning to think I had just imagined it. Thnak you for bringing this glorious cartoon back into my life.

Pickster said...

Just a quick one here.

Firstly. When you did this episode did you know about Red Dead Redemption? If not. Nail - Head - Perfect hit.

I'm not a 'horsey' person. But I did like the fact you could ride around just like a cowboy. And the setting felt amazing too.

Secondly. Super Mario All Stars (with Super Mario World) Plus level editor?!?

Yes! That idea is full of win!

Anonymous said...

"I wish she was real. And in my house."

Me too Bob. Me too.