Friday, October 31, 2008


Wow, this is cool. I've had to wait awhile to tell anyone about this, but now that I can I'm still pretty overwhelmed by it.

"The Escapist" ( is best known these days as the website home of video-game critic Yahtzee Croshaw's hugely popular "Zero Punctuation" weekly series. But it's ALSO a full-blown webzine of it's own with lots of other content. As of this week, that content now includes a weekly gaming/geek-culture news series called "The Escapist Show." You should be watching, it's awesome.

Anyway, "The Escapist Show" features along with it's regular content and contributors short humor segments provided by independent web guys, and next week (episode #2, tentatively planned to air on November 4th) the contributor will be... ME! I'll be doing a movie review - can't tell ya which movie yet. Cool, no?

I encourage everyone to check this out... ESPECIALLY all you Game OverThinker fans, since it's YOUR enthusiam for my goofy content that's had alot to do with getting me noticed at this level. I CANNOT thank you guys enough. But don't see it just for me - the series looks really good and off to a great start. And if you like seeing my stuff on there, send some feedback over to Escapist telling them so, and maybe I'll get asked to come back for more. Look for it next week!


Ben said...

Can I just say something?
When I see a new Zero Punctuation video, my brain goes 'Oh, that's nice'. When I see a new Overthinker episode my brain goes 'SWEET! Click. Click. Click.' It might be because you only put out a new video about twice or once a month, but I think it's because I inherently enjoy them more.
Anyway, very happy about the news. I'll definitely be checking it out.

Mark said...

congrats! thus begins the slow takeover of the interwebs...

Paul said...

That's awesome Bob. Congrats!